Carpet Maintenance

commerical carpet cleaning

You want your company looking its best. That’s where we come into the picture. Carpet maintenance is one of the most crucially important steps alongside commercial floor maintenance Tucson services to ensuring your company’s space looks good at all times. After all, most customers don’t have the opportunity to see whether the tables and desks have been dusted and polished thoroughly, but your company carpet is the first thing they see.
In the home, you can control the level of cleanliness by asking people to do things like remove their shoes or pick up after themselves. In a professional setting? The rules change.

High Traffic Areas: Tips for Carpet Maintenance

clean carpetAt your business, your carpets take a beating every day. In the most high-traffic areas, we recommend that you vacuum daily in order to extend the life of your carpeting. The more frequently you vacuum and clean your carpets, the longer your carpets will last before they need to be replaced.

At our commercial cleaning company, we use only the finest grade environmentally friendly products. Our family of janitors and cleaning professionals work using the most advanced, up-to-date techniques. With our carpet maintenance services, you can rest assured that we will maintain your carpeting colors and ensure the integrity of the appearance of your carpeting.

While it is best to vacuum the carpet in the highest traffic areas daily, it’s equally important that you do a thorough and professional vacuuming of the entire carpet area at least once a week. Try these steps to extend the life of your carpet:

• Spot clean quickly.
We will remove any spills and spot clean, and that will help extend your carpet’s appearance.

• Vacuum often.
Particularly in high traffic areas, we recommend you vacuum nightly. We use only the highest grade, commercial grade vacuums to ensure your carpets get as clean as possible.

• Steam clean carpets seasonally.
You want to remove the dust, pollen and dirt that you can’t see because it’s embedded into the carpet fibers. Steam or dry chemical cleaning helps you not only keep your workplace sanitary, but it also helps to maintain the bright colors of the carpet.

• Try floor mats at each entrance.
If you’re able to contain the dirt before it enters your workplace, this will cut down on how often your entire workspace needs to be cleaned.

Deep Cleaning the Carpet: Wet and Dry Cleaning

How often your company needs to do a deep cleaning of the carpet will depend upon a variety of factors, including the level of traffic, the kind of business your company is in, and the locale’s weather conditions.

Steam Cleaning and Humidity

To maintain your carpet’s optimal appearance, you want to take care that your carpets get steam cleaned, allowing time for the carpeting to dry completely before you open for business.

This will allow your company to control the growth of mold and mildew, something to be avoided. If you aren’t able to be closed for business for any length of time, we can offer you a chemical carpet cleaning that is a dry cleaning method that you can use in the interim.