Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Tile Floor Cleaning

commercial wood cleaning

Just as carpets require regular cleaning, hard surface flooring requires commercial office cleaning to ensure it looks its best. With our commercial cleaning services, we guarantee your hardwood floors, marble floors, concrete and tile floors will be sure to shine.

The trick to making sure that a hard surface floor maintains a prime appearance is by taking the time to clean it properly. While you would think a hard surface floor is easier to manage, flooring such as hardwood floors and tile flooring can be quite time-consuming. We offer an entire menu of commercial cleaning services, including sweeping, mopping and polishing hard surface flooring so you can be confident that your company’s fine reputation will be reflected in the gleaming floors.

Tips for Maintaining Hard Floors

floor cleaningTo clean a hard surface floor properly requires a multi-step process. First, we spot clean the areas that have spills and stains. It’s critically important that all stains get removed immediately, as hardwood and marble flooring can get stained quickly. Once the surface becomes stained, it becomes challenging to remove if it’s had an opportunity to set.

Our professionals will spot clean, using only non-abrasive cleaners. The secret to maintaining hardwood, tile and marble floors is making sure that the top surface doesn’t get scratched. Don’t be fooled by a competitor’s low prices. Our commercial cleaning professionals take the time that is necessary to clean spots, spills and stains using only environmentally friendly cleaners that are guaranteed not to scratch the surface of your flooring.

For your floors to maintain the optimal shine, it’s necessary that the top surface not be scratched. That’s why we take the time to ensure your company receives only the most exceptional level of cleaning services. Cleaning is a job that can’t be rushed and still look good. Our team of commercial cleaning professionals takes pride in the work we do. We offer flexible schedules and competitive rates. If other companies offer you a rush job, the results will look less than stellar.

To maintain a hardwood, tile or marble floor properly requires several steps.

1. Spot clean using a non-abrasive cleanser.
2. Sweep or vacuum the hard surface.
3. Clean the floor using an environmentally safe but effective cleaning product.
4. Rinse, rinse and rinse. For your floors to truly shine, it’s necessary that all residue from the cleaning process be removed. Otherwise, dirt begins to stick to your floor surface, leaving you with a coat of grime.
5. Occasionally, your hard surface floor may require a thorough wax and polish. We use only the highest quality polishers and take the time needed to give your floors a shine you can see your reflection in.

If you have questions as to whether your hard surface floor needs to be waxed or polished, don’t hesitate to reach out to ask. Our team of commercial cleaners is happy to discuss any cleaning requirements your company may have.